Our Goals:

  1. To ban prolonged breath-holding in pools for the general public.*

  2. To educate parents and children on the risks and dangers of underwater breath-holding and the dangers of breath-holding games.

  3. To advocate for warning tags on the dangers and risks of underwater breath-holding on all freediving, spearfishing, and snorkeling equipment.

  4. To encourage all freedivers and spearfishers to receive safety training.

* We believe qualified breath-hold freedive training agencies need access to public pools during non-general public usage with lifeguards on duty. Using the buddy system, proper supervision, and training protocols with continuous monitoring, along with waivers by participants to protect the facility and staff, freediving may be practiced safely.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”
— Romans 8:28


Rhonda Dawes Milner, MD – Founder and Chairman (mother of SWB victim)
Tom Griffiths, Ed.D.– Vice-Chairman (founder of Aquatic Safety Research Group and retired Director of Aquatics and Safety for Penn State)
Dean Haller – Executive Director (father of SWB victim)
Britt Jackson - Administrative Assistant (friend of Milner family)
Gene W. Milner Jr. – Treasurer (father of SWB victim)
Cason Milner – Secretary (brother of SWB victim)

Board of Advisors:

Amanda Balius (cousin of SWB victim)
Bill Baker (Rec. swimmer)
Michelle Brislen (Wife of SWB victim)
Karen A. Curreri (Mother of Victim)
Brian Francis (Friend of SWB victim, Red's Outfitters)
Amanda Gonzales (Mother of SWB survivor)
Jeremiah Gonzales (Father of SWB survivor)
Salena Gonzales (SWB survivor)
Rachel Griffiths (Aquatic Safety Research Group)
Dean Haller (Father of SWB victim)
Ted Harty (Immersionfreediving.com– Professional Freediver, holds national record in freediving)
Helen McSwain, M.D. (Sister of SWB victim)
Megan Melgaard (US Swim Team member)
Julian Ottley (Survivor of SWB)
John and Sandy Pilotte (Parents of SWB survivor)
Susan Proce (Mother of SWB victim)
Deede Sharpe (Girlfriend of SWB victim)
Crawford Sites (Spearfisherman and friend of SWB victim)
Rob Sleamaker (Friend of SWB victim)
Vasas Szilvia M.D. (Pulmonary Specialist, father of survivor)
Julie Tate (Mother of SWB survivor)
Katie Tate (Survivor of SWB)
Gary Thill (Interactive Director, Pool and Spa News, Aquatics International at Hanley Wood)                                
Alex Volk (Competitive surfer and advocate of SWBP)
Sharon and Gary Washbourne (Aunt and Uncle of SWB victim. Founders of Shallow Water Blackout Australia)