Eduardo Jose Perez

smiley photo.jpg

For many, the year 2000, was a year of great anticipation. Our family organized our first official family reunion anticipating an exciting and decisive year, Y2K the end of world celebration.  

Indeed, year 2000 changed our lives. We lost Eduardo Jose Perez at the young age of 19 on August 23, as he was entering his sophomore year in college at University of Tampa. A freak accident, right in our backyard pool, as he was hyperventilating while competing doing under water laps. He was “competing” with my son Daniel, who at the time was only 7yrs of age. 

The summer before his passing was a very special summer for Eduardo Jose, he was determined to make family his priority, work hard -doing hard labor at a construction site in PR, and spending as much time as possible with family and friends before heading back to University of Tampa in Florida.  We saw a transformation in Eduardo that summer, and interesting as well, almost as if he knew, he also visited his friends and all family members in South Florida before his passing. 

Eduardo Jose was a determined individual. Full of life, funny, charismatic caring, loved nature, the beach and to surf while challenging himself at every possible turn. 

The photo here is the name of his dorm at UT, “Smiley” which is how we like to remember him, always smiling. 

With all my Love,

your Aunt Layla