Maddisyn Butler



Written by her loving mother, Michelle Butler.

Maddisyn was known as the real life Moana. She looked like her, she loved the ocean, she loved swimming period! She survived cancer in 2007 and we took a "cancer free" trip every year to celebrate. The prerequisite was that there had to be water in the form of an ocean and a pool, everywhere we went.

A few months before she turned 18 we decided to move to California so that she could pursue her dreams of being a model. 17 days after we arrived (and 3 weeks to the day before she turned 18), she died from SWB in our apartment pool. She was just playing the "I can swim farther than you under water" game with her older brother and her boyfriend. And then she was gone. Family night at the pool will never be again. The beauty in it, if you will, is she died how she loved to live. She is one of the most amazing human beings I ever had the pleasure of knowing, and she was my daughter. I got to spend every day with her for almost 18 years. Now she is the most amazing spirit I'll ever know! I should have known she would be, her soul was always pure!

Maddisyn had love in her heart for everyone, especially the under-privileged. She loved life and all that it offered! She loved/s Jesus, and she let the world see her love for her Father in Heaven. As angelic as she looks... she was even sweeter in person! Those that knew her, LOVED her, and now we miss her tangible self! Her laugh, her jokes, her sensitivity, her Joy, and her precious heart!

Dance Eternally my precious angel!