Tim Wilt


Tim Wilt (6/24/1990 - 8/27/2016) was an incredible human being, son, brother, and friend.  He loved people, life, adventure, and pushing himself to do better.  Trying to set another personal record for holding his breath underwater, Tim succumbed to shallow water blackout on August 21, 2016 and died six days later from severe brain damage.  His many interests included cycling, ballet, swimming, SCUBA diving, sky diving, knife sharpening, cribbage, web development, and traveling.  He spoke four languages and was beginning to learn German for an adventure to Europe for which he bought a one-way ticket the day before his accident. While Tim’s friends and family believe he was taken too soon, we do find peace in the fact that he lived a full and wonderful life while at the same time enriching the lives of everyone who knew him.

"The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long.” - Lao Tzu.  

If ever there were one sentence to sum up Tim's life, that's it.