Ambassador Nick Thompson Hosts Booth at 36th Annual Spirit Run

On March 17, 2019, SWBP Ambassador Nick Thompson hosted a booth to raise awareness of SWB at the 36th Annual Spirit Run in Orange County, CA.

People from all over Orange County including hardcore runners, entire families, toddlers and even dogs participate in this long running community event that began as a way to promote exercise and healthy habits within the Newport Mesa Unified School District. Nick and his family felt that the Spirit Run was a perfect fit for a Shallow Water Blackout Prevention Booth.

The booth was a great success! Nick says,

“We spoke to all sorts of people: from moms and dads, little kids, teens, athletes of all ages and abilities, retired servicemen and even lifeguards. Mrs. Curreri also joined us and was able to share how she became involved with Shallow Water Blackout. She even wore her son Joseph Curreri’s Staff Sergeant shirt. I’d like to encourage other ambassadors to seek out community events in order to share the SWBP message. For me, speaking to a diverse group of people was way less intimidating than speaking to a captive group of lifeguards or swimmers. Also, my hope is that by reaching out to a broader group of people that Shallow Water Blackout Prevention will become more widely talked about in many different forums.”

Nick and his family also raised $500 in donations for SWBP, and we couldn’t be more proud of one of our first ambassadors getting out into his community! As part of his Ambassadorship, Corona del Mar High School SWBP Club and Senior Project, this money was raised in conjunction with the first Shallow Water Blackout Prevention Booth.

Incredible job Nick, lives will be saved!

Executive Director's Note:  Karen Curreri’s son, former USC swimmer Joe Curreri, a Staff Sergeant and Special Forces communications sergeant assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne) at Fort Lewis, Wash. died on October 26, 2007, in an accidental drowning incident after experiencing a shallow water blackout at Siet Lake while deployed to the Southern Philippines region near Panamao, Jolo Island, Republic of the Philippines.  Karen became involved with our organization afterwards and subsequently asked us if Nick, one of the students she counsels through her College Admissions counseling Business, could become an Ambassador. Since then Nick has been actively raising awareness about the causes and prevention of shallow water blackouts.