New International Chapter: Great Britain

Introducing Our Newest International Chapter, Shallow Water Blackout Prevention Great Britain, and it's Representative, Ali Beckman


Ali has been involved in the aquatic industry in the UK all her life, from being a competitive swimmer, to teaching and coaching, tutoring and now as Technical Director for Puddle Ducks Franchising Limited, a national learn to swim organization with over 20,000 swimmers.  Ali also works closely with the Swimming Teachers' Association (STA), which is the largest swimming and lifesaving teacher training company in the world, sitting on aquatic boards to develop swimming teaching qualifications which are delivered world-wide.  

Ali first became interested in raising the awareness of the dangers of hypoxic training when she started tutoring teachers and coaches from swimming clubs (post learn-to-swim).  Many of the coaches spoke about how their own club focused a lot on hypoxic training to ‘increase cardiovascular fitness’ – it led to Ali undertaking some research on the potential dangers and whilst there was information available, there wasn’t enough to be able to bring full awareness to the issue, which she believed there could be. Over the years Ali continued to talk to teachers and coaches about the potential dangers of this type of training; however, there were a lot of barrier,s and a lack of understanding about what was often seen as a positive training and conditioning skill.  Further, research eventually led Ali to the Shallow Water Blackout Prevention Organisation where she finally found the evidence and resources she needed.  When Dean E. Haller, The Executive Director of Shallow Water Blackout Prevention, asked Ali if she would like to be involved she jumped at the chance to bring the campaign over to the UK, to help raise awareness and educate wherever and whenever possible.  With over 20,000 swimmers at Puddle Ducks, there’s an opportunity to educate many parents and children on the dangerous of Shallow Water Blackout from a very young age, to ensure that no lives are ever lost.  Ali is proud to be a Shallow Water Blackout Prevention awareness representative in the UK. 

We look forward to working with Ali to help educate and raise awareness about the dangers of prolonged breath-holding and it's potential to induce a shallow water blackout.