Meet Our Newest Ambassador, Alexandra "Alex" Beran

Alex Beran.jpeg

I am Alexandra Beran, a sophomore at the University of Richmond and a diver on the varsity Swim and Dive Team. I am also participating in the Army ROTC Program. I lost a friend to shallow water blackout this past summer and I am a lifeguard and aware of shallow water blackouts, but I still didn't realize how grave the consequences of prolonged breath-holding can be even with breath-control training for the military and swim teams. I want to raise awareness and educate others to prevent these senseless deaths. Many people question how an adult who knows how to swim can drown. Consequently, I want to help those who lost loved ones from having to explain over and over how drowning after a shallow water blackout occurs by educating as many people as I can. Most people do not understand that the victim lost consciousness and then the body forced a breath, which caused the drowning. Anybody who goes into the water should be aware of shallow water blackouts and what causes one and how to prevent one for their own safety, the safety of others, and understanding of those who lost loved ones.   

Welcome to the SWBP family, Alex! Thank you for all your hard work.  We are thankful to have you on board.