SWBP Announces Partnership with NISCA

Shallow Water Blackout Prevention Partners with the National Interscholastic Swim
Coaches Association (NISCA)

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NISCA is a professional organization that supports High School coaches of all aquatic sports. They are dedicated to coach’s education and athlete recognition through the All-America Program. NISCA allows opportunities for coaches to network and exchange knowledge and experience. 

We are honored to announce that we have been selected to partner with NISCA to help them raise awareness about the prevention of a shallow water blackout.  This partnership will have several components.  First, NISCA will promote our Ambassador Program nationwide as a way for High School students on all aquatics-related teams to become involved in community service by raising awareness about the causes and prevention of a shallow water blackout.  We will support their efforts and provide the necessary materials for their outreach. Schools and their collective team’s students that can show they have made a concerted effort, as judged by NISCA, to raise awareness will be recognized by NISCA and be awarded banners to display within their school. Raising awareness about shallow water blackout will be one of the primary reasons the award will be made.

Second, we will provide information and training (education/awareness/prevention) videos about shallow water blackout and our organization to the NISCA for the distribution to all their member coaches during their annual conferences, trainings and whenever requested.

Finally, but not least, NISCA will detail our partnership and what we do and why in their July-August 2018 Newsletter, which is distributed to every High School swim team and their athletes within the country. Our organization will also be prominently displayed on their website as a contributing Partner to the accomplishment of their mission.