US Army Includes links to SWBP in Their "Feet First Into Water Safety" Program

Shallow Water Blackout Prevention is please to be included in the US Army's 2013 summer campaign for water safety! For more details see this article. Here is the letter we received from Aquatic Programs and Garrison Support:

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED Caveats: FOUO

Good afternoon,

I am Brigitta St. Armand the Aquatic Specialist for the US Army, HQ G-9. We have approximately 166 swimming pools and several waterfronts, river, lakes and beaches. On 1-30 June we will start our 1st "Feet First" into Water Safety campaign educating and creating awareness on safe behavior in and around water. To ensure we reach all our Military and their Families around the world, we are developing an interactive educational web-splash page. We will provide a short blurb on Shallow Water Blackout and considering adding your weblink to the blurb if you provide us the permission to do so. We appreciate your dedication and mission and hope to hear from you soon. Thank you




Aquatic Programs and

Garrison Support

IMCOM G-9, Aquatic, Fitness and Sports