Young Ambassadors Spread the Word About SWB

Benjy the Ambassador.jpg

Our Fort Lauderdale, Florida Ambassador, Benjy Jackson, is explaining what a shallow water blackout is to Danielle Quintero, an 18 year old student attending Florida Keys Community College.  She is studying to earn her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work.  Danielle is currently the school’s Student Ambassador as well as Vice-President of Student Government and President of the Math, Arts and Puzzles Club.  While in High School she was Executive Officer of the JROTC all throughout her four years.  She has also been a part time employee of Publix Supermarket for the past 3 years.  Danielle is well spoken, very outgoing and is always looking for ways to help others and the environment. She will now be helping us educate and raise awareness about what causes and how to prevent shallow water blackout.

Thank you Benjy and Danielle for helping us save lives.