19 Year Old Tucker Francis' Death Possible SWB

Tucker Adam Francis, age 19, died on January 31st (2017) in a snorkeling accident in the Virgin Islands. He lost consciousness while free diving, a condition called shallow-water blackout. He was spending the winter of his gap year working as the chef on Tabor Academys schooner, the Tabor Boy, during the Caribbean Studies program. In the fall he was headed to Santa Clara University to study engineering....Continue reading

15 Year old boy lost in diving accident

BOCA RATON INLET - As Tim Fernan and his team of divers from Palm Beach Reef Research searched for 15-year-old free diver Skyler Hunt on Saturday afternoon near the Boca Raton Inlet, he couldn’t help but think of Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen... Continue reading

Deep Water Diver Dies After Trying For Record

LONG ISLAND, Bahamas — As Nicholas Mevoli lay on his back, floating in the azure sea, attempting to relax, his exhales were audible. The countdown had begun, and he prepared to dive into Dean’s Blue Hole, hoping to reach 72 meters on a single inhalation, with no fins or supplemental oxygen. He began sipping the air, attempting to pack as much oxygen in his lungs as possible. Continue Reading

Katy TX Lifeguard Dies While Trying to Swim Length of Pool Underwater

Witnesses said that at around 4 p.m. lifeguard Dustin Kruthaupt was swimming laps and at one point attempted to swim the length of the pool underwater. 
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WBAL News in Baltimore Covers SWB Incident

A young competitive swimmer experienced shallow water blackout Continue Reading


Young Boy Survives SWB

The Santa Cruz Sentinel reported that a ten year old boy was rescued by an attentive lifeguard during his swim team practice. The young boy was participating in a team exercise where the children would hold their breath to swim the length of the pool under water. CPR was administered and it is estimated that it took three minutes to revive the boy. He was then treated at a hospital and released. Continue Reading

North Carolina Student Nearly Drowns

A student near Charlotte, North Carolina passed out while practicing competitive swimming, nearly drowned. Continue Reading

Spearfisherman Found Dead

Spearfisherman tragically found dead off New York coast. Shallow water blackout likely.
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