Coach Bob Bowman and Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps educate swimmers on the dangers of shallow water blackout, and how to prevent it.

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta interviews Whitner's mother Rhonda Milner and warns about shallow water blackout, which puts even the most fit athletes in danger. 

Shallow Water Blackout featured on Inside Edition

A lap swimmer experiences shallow water blackout.

Rhonda Milner talks about creating an organization that she hopes will increase awareness of the dangers of shallow water blackout. She talks about the warning signs that swimmers, coaches and parents should look for to help prevent more deaths.

Raw footage a diver was shooting when he  suddenly experienced shallow water blackout - no editing. "My dive buddy recognized what had happened immediately, and saved my life. I had done this dive 100 times before, and I never felt any panic or contractions."

ABC News Australia Report of Shallow Water Blackout

Family of Jack MacMillan interviewed to raise awareness and prevention of Breath Holding Dangers in Water & Backyard Pools....Shallow Water Blackout is dangerous and can be fatal. Jack MacMillan drowned on 29th January this year. A fit and healthy 12 year old strong swimmer...Know the risks and explain to your children!!

The Dangers of Breath-Holding

On Tuesday, March 15th, 2011, a family and community were devastated by the death of a member at a local YMCA pool. Curtis' death is made more painful knowing that it could have been prevented. Please take a moment to watch this video and learn how you can prevent a similar tragedy.

A Freediver Experiences SWB

Early summer 08, three young men blacked out while freediving. Their mothers got together to commission this video about their stories in hopes of preventing others from experiencing the terrible consequences of freediver blackout. Produced, filmed and co-written by Terry Maas with narration and co-writing by Sheri Daye, Support from DAN and mothers Julie Richardson and Chris Dimond.