SWBP Presents Workshop to the United Kingdom’s Swim Teachers Association

Ali at STA Conference.jpg

We would like to thank the Swim Teachers Association (STA) of the United Kingdom for inviting us to make a presentation about shallow water blackout during their Annual Conference on October 6. Our Executive Director, Dean E. Haller, conducted an hour-long workshop via GoToMeeting.  We would also like to thank Ravinder Sandhu, STA’s Events and Media Manager, for her assistance in making the presentation possible and a special thank you to Ali Beckman, our United Kingdom Ambassador pictured above, for introducing and facilitating the workshop.

Today with more than 10,000 members, STA is an independent swimming teaching and lifesaving organization, and delivers the highest quality training across four key business areas – Swimming Teaching, Lifesaving, First Aid and Leisure Management.

Founded in 1932, STA is a registered charity whose objective is:

The preservation of human life by the teaching of swimming, lifesaving and survival techniques.

STA is internationally recognized and is uniquely positioned as the only awarding organization in the UK that can deliver multi-aquatic programs – Swimming Teaching, Lifesaving and Pool Plant qualifications – that are:

·       Regulated by Ofqual (UK Government licensed regulator), and sit on the Register of Regulated Qualifications at levels 1-4

·       Regulated by SQA Accreditation


All STA Qualifications are registered under Safety Training Awards, the awarding body for STA.

STA’s International Learn to Swim Program (ILSP) also supports STA’s swimming teaching qualifications. The incentive based learn to swim program, which promotes the importance of water safety, consists of 5 levels to provide people of all ages, from babies to adults, with a structured, progressive and transparent swimming and water scheme. It is supported with a range of colorful badges and certificates.

Importantly, STA is committed to representing the needs of the leisure industry and continues to advance its range of learning program, improve member services and innovate via its digital portfolio of leisure management and training services.

SWBP Receives Grant from the Princess of Monaco Foundation USA


We would like to thank the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation USA for their recent approval of our request for a grant through their Foundation.

The Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation USA is 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization incorporated in New York State in 2016 to further the goals of the parent foundation which was established by Princess Charlene of Monaco, a former Olympic swimmer for South Africa, to promote water safety, sport and education programs particularly for children and young people.

Its mission is to promote the benefits of sporting activities; teach children and adults basic swimming, water safety, first-aid and drowning prevention skills, and foster national or international amateur sports competitions.

Since the parent foundation was set up in 2012, under the Princess’s presidency and the vice presidency of Monaco’s Sovereign, H.S.H. Prince Albert II, more than 100 water safety programs benefiting almost 100,000 people, mainly children, have been implemented in Monaco, South Africa, Australia, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Canada, Chile, France, Ghana, Greece, India, Indonesia, Macedonia, Madagascar, Malaysia, Morocco, Nicaragua, Peru, Philippines, the Dominican Republic, Senegal, Sudan, Serbia, Tanzania, Thailand, the USA, and Zimbabwe. Its missions are to raise public awareness about the dangers of water, teach children preventive measures, and teach them to swim.

On behalf of our Board of Directors we extended our deepest appreciation for their recognition and support of our mission to educate and raise awareness about shallow water blackouts.

Meet Our Newest Ambassador: Layla Caballero

 Layla, Daniel, and Layla's youngest son Ralph

Layla, Daniel, and Layla's youngest son Ralph

I am from Puerto Rico and the youngest of four siblings.  I was fortunate to enjoy a very active and privileged life contrary to my other siblings who endured the challenges of leaving communist Cuba at young age. After more than 18 years in exile from Cuba, my parents were finally enjoying the American dream of possibilities and prosperity.  They helped me pursue an education abroad here in the United States, and now I enjoy a career in communications. Given my talents in the communications field, I feet it is my obligation to help others to learn about Shallow Water Blackout, specially among Latino families. 

Our family lost my nephew, Eduardo Jose, at the young age of 19. He drowned in my home's backyard pool as he was playing water games holding his breath and challenging my son Daniel who at the time was only 7. Ironically, Eduardo Jose was actually taking care of my son Daniel, when this terrible accident happened. 

Now 18 years later, after losing my sister Lourdes Alo ( Eduardo's mother) to lung disease, I decided to join the Shallow Water Blackout prevention organization to help generate awareness, and do this on behalf of my family. I live in Miami Lakes, FL and will be raising awareness in the surrounding communities and helping Shallow Water Blackout Prevention include content in Spanish. 

Daniel, who is a musician now, wrote this song about drowning in memory of Eduardo. The name of the song is "Lungs Filled with Water". 


Welcome to the SWBP family, Layla! Thank you for all your hard work.  We are thankful to have you on board.

Family and Friends Organize A Memorial to Honor Adam Braverman


Note: We received the following letter from Adam’s sister, Tamara, and would like to thank everyone involved in this event for their incredible generosity and support of our mission in Adam’s name.

We lost our son and brother, Adam, on April 15th 2017 just before his 30th birthday when he passed away unexpectedly without any conclusive cause of death. He had been swimming at the time and from everything his friends and our family have read about Shallow Water Blackout we are convinced this is the reason.


Adam was a fish; from age 3 years he swam Olympic size lengths underwater and loved underwater swimming more than regular swimming.  He was tiny and we used to worry that his lung capacity would be insufficient but he told us not to worry and continued his way; and swam underwater constantly.

On a trip to China with friends, he raced against a friend underwater for some 20 minutes.  His friend then left to take a shower and Adam continued to swim underwater.  The pool was not large and the maximum depth was only 1.2 meters.  Unfortunately, he did not come out of the pool alive.

Adam’s joy of life, sport and friendship inspired his friends, family and the Worth Old Boys Rugby & Football Club of which he was Captain to organize a charity Memorial Day on the 9th of June this year to raise money for charities in Adam’s name including Shallow Water Blackout Prevention, in order to advance awareness and prevent more senseless death’s like Adam’sThe day comprised of rugby and football matches, children’s games, raffles / auctions with a BBQ and it was a perfect day to all come together to remember Adam. With approximately 150 attending on the day the minute’s applause in celebration of Adam’s life before the teams started play really was an amazing reminder of how much Adam was and continues to be loved. Due to the generosity of those who came and also those who could not but who bought raffle and auction tickets (for fantastic prizes such as holidays to France and Israel, Rugby tickets for England v New Zealand as well as signed sports memorabilia etc.) we managed to raise more than £19,000 ($24,668) – half of which will go to Shallow Water Blackout Prevention.  The other half will go to Wooden Spoon, a charity which benefits under-privileged children through Rugby.


Please see photos of the day: www.facebook.com/celebrateadam/

We will be holding this event annually in order to continue Adam’s legacy by coming together in the spirit of comradery through sport and to raise money in his name.

We also will be raising money throughout the year at different events such as the Lucerne Marathon in Switzerland and will keep you updated!

Thanks, and kind regards,

Tamara Braverman


Ambassador Nick Thompson is Raising Awareness at His New High School

Nick Thompson, our Ambassador in Newport Beach, CA and several of his recruits are spreading the word about Shallow Water Blackout at their high school,Corona del Mar. The school is a public school located in the Eastbluff neighborhood of Newport Beach, California, and belongs to the Newport-Mesa Unified School District. 

Nick became and Ambassador in 2017 and has been mentored by Karen Curreri who lost her son Joe Curreri. Joe was a former USC swimmer, a Staff Sergeant and Special Forces communications sergeant assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne) at Fort Lewis, WA. He died on October 26, 2007 in an accidental drowning incident after a shallow water blackout at Siet Lake while deployed to the Southern Philippines region near Panamao, Jolo Island, Republic of the Philippines. Joe was 27.

Thanks to Nick and his team they will greatly enhance our efforts to educate and raise awareness about the causes and prevention of a shallow water blackout.  Most importantly they are helping us save lives.

The Association of Aquatic Professionals (AOAP) and Shallow Water Blackout Prevention (SWBP) Announce Partnership

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AOAP and SWBP recently announced their partnership with the goal to support and advance each other’s mutual mission to increase water safety and prevent drownings.

Both organizations are domestic 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporations and are run by an all-volunteer Board of Directors and a full-time Executive Director.

AOAP exclusively promotes and advocates policies, practices and procedures that contribute to safer and improved aquatic education, aquatic recreation activities, programs, and facilities; provides and supports quality aquatic education opportunities; coordinates and conducts research in the field of aquatic management and safety; promotes coordination and cooperation between established aquatic associations responsible for all aspects of aquatic programming, aquatic management, aquatic operation and maintenance and aquatic facility design. As well as providing and annual conference and educational workshops for communities on drowning prevention and education.  A portion of all proceeds will be used towards drowning prevention, i.e. for Learn to Swim Program Lessons and Grants for Life Jackets.

General Statement of Vision: The AOAP will be the leading organization representing aquatic professionals in advocacy, education, research, and professional collaboration.

SWBP focuses its efforts on preventing shallow water blackouts (AKA underwater blackout or faint), which result in drowning or sudden death. The organization advocates for the cessation of hypoxic training, no prolonged breath-holding, never swimming alone, never hyperventilating prior to swimming, never playing breath-holding games, and adequate and intermittent rest while training or swimming recreationally.  SWBP enlists the aid of volunteer “Ambassadors” and establishing volunteer Chapters, both nationally and internationally, to educate and raise awareness about the causes and prevention of shallow water blackouts within their respective communities. Additionally, the organization presents and exhibits at aquatic-related conferences, YMCA’s, PTO’s, secondary schools, service club organizations, summer camps and parks where swimming is available, and water safety workshops. With its outreach programs, a universally recognized website, and the distribution of free information SWBP is a leader in raising awareness in order to prevent shallow water blackouts.

General Statement of Vision: SWBP will be the driving force behind a universal understanding and acceptance of what causes and how to prevent shallow water blackouts and ultimately bring an end to such needless and preventable tragedies.  

New International Chapter: Great Britain

Introducing Our Newest International Chapter, Shallow Water Blackout Prevention Great Britain, and it's Representative, Ali Beckman


Ali has been involved in the aquatic industry in the UK all her life, from being a competitive swimmer, to teaching and coaching, tutoring and now as Technical Director for Puddle Ducks Franchising Limited, a national learn to swim organization with over 20,000 swimmers.  Ali also works closely with the Swimming Teachers' Association (STA), which is the largest swimming and lifesaving teacher training company in the world, sitting on aquatic boards to develop swimming teaching qualifications which are delivered world-wide.  

Ali first became interested in raising the awareness of the dangers of hypoxic training when she started tutoring teachers and coaches from swimming clubs (post learn-to-swim).  Many of the coaches spoke about how their own club focused a lot on hypoxic training to ‘increase cardiovascular fitness’ – it led to Ali undertaking some research on the potential dangers and whilst there was information available, there wasn’t enough to be able to bring full awareness to the issue, which she believed there could be. Over the years Ali continued to talk to teachers and coaches about the potential dangers of this type of training; however, there were a lot of barrier,s and a lack of understanding about what was often seen as a positive training and conditioning skill.  Further, research eventually led Ali to the Shallow Water Blackout Prevention Organisation where she finally found the evidence and resources she needed.  When Dean E. Haller, The Executive Director of Shallow Water Blackout Prevention, asked Ali if she would like to be involved she jumped at the chance to bring the campaign over to the UK, to help raise awareness and educate wherever and whenever possible.  With over 20,000 swimmers at Puddle Ducks, there’s an opportunity to educate many parents and children on the dangerous of Shallow Water Blackout from a very young age, to ensure that no lives are ever lost.  Ali is proud to be a Shallow Water Blackout Prevention awareness representative in the UK. 

We look forward to working with Ali to help educate and raise awareness about the dangers of prolonged breath-holding and it's potential to induce a shallow water blackout.   

SWBP Launches Winter Fundraising Campaign

Shallow Water Blackout Prevention’s
Winter Fundraising Campaign



Gold Level Sponsor - $10,000
A sponsorship at this level entitles the organization to have their logo prominently displayed on our website and in our brochure. A description about the organization and a statement explaining why the organization is supporting us will be included. Additionally, the support will be recognized in our blog and on our Facebook page and displayed whenever we exhibit at a conference or convention.

Silver Level Sponsorship - $5,000
A sponsorship at this level entitles the organization to have their logo prominently displayed on our website and in our brochure. Additionally, the support will be recognized in our blog and on our Facebook page.

Bronze Level Sponsorship - $2,500
A sponsorship at this level entitles the organization to have their logo prominently displayed on our website and recognized on our Facebook page.

If your organization is interested in becoming a Sponsor,  please contact us at: [email protected]


Individuals who make a donation will be entered into a drawing for a thank you gift commensurate with the following:

$1,500 and above: VASA Trainer Pro
$1,000 to $1499: Autographed Michael Phelps Swim Cap
$750 to $999: Autographed Antonio Brown (Steelers) Lithograph Print
$500 to $749: Insulated Bag Cooler with Shallow Water Blackout Prevention Logo
$250 to $499: Scout Key Finder Bluetooth Anti-Lost Device & Keys Finder Alarm with Shallow Water Blackout Prevention Logo
$100 to $249: Compact First Aid Kit with Shallow Water Blackout Prevention Logo

Donations of any amount even if less than the above are all equally appreciated.

Donations may also be mailed to:
Shallow Water Blackout Prevention,
5125 Peachtree Industrial Blvd
Norcross, GA 30092

Or click below to donate online.


There are over 350,000 drownings worldwide and 4,000 in the United States annually and it is estimated that a large percentage of all drownings are the result of a shallow water blackout – How it Happens.  As a 501(c) 3 nonprofit Shallow Water Blackout Prevention’s primary mission is to prevent drownings and near-drownings as a result of a shallow water blackout.  We do this by raising awareness about the causes and prevention of a shallow water blackout and educating anyone who takes to the water, be they casual swimmers, both adults and children, competitive swimmers, free-divers, those who spearfish, coaches and the general public.  We work with organizations such as The Michael Phelps Foundation, The US Coast Guard, The Redwoods Group and many others both nationally and internationally that have a connection to water safety.  

We are currently working with several coaches within the competitive swimming arena at both the high school and college level as well as several Aquatics Directors from the YMCA community.  Our first goal is to create guidelines for coaches and swimmers for best practices that is part SWBP awareness campaign for swimmers, parents and lifeguards and a part Continuing Education Program for swim coaches. Our second goal is to have this information become part of the American Swim Coaches Association’s series of Coaching Certifications as well as the American Red Cross’ Lifeguard Certification Program.

Community Service:
Our Ambassador Program provides an opportunity for high school students to earn Community Service credits by raising awareness within their community about the causes and prevention of a shallow water blackout.  However, this Program is open to anyone who wishes to become one of our advocates.  We supply the necessary materials, signs and literature about shallow water blackout free-of-charge.

We attend national aquatics-related conferences and conventions and serve as a speaker, exhibitor and sometimes both. We make presentations to civic organizations such as the Rotary, Kiwanis and Lions Clubs, students within grades 6 to 12, and Parent Teacher Organizations. We also work with YMCAs educating their staff especially their lifeguards. We do not charge a fee for this service.

We work closely with those who have been personally impacted due to a shallow water blackout and have a desire to raise awareness about its causes and prevention.  We help them establish a Chapter of Shallow Water Blackout Prevention should they wish to do so. The mission of all of our Chapters is the same – raise awareness and educate the public about shallow water blackouts. We currently have Chapters in several states, Australia and the Netherlands. There is no cost to the Chapter for our assistance.

As an organization founded by a family that lost a son due to a shallow water blackout and managed by another that suffered from the same tragedy we truly understand the trauma of losing a loved one as a result of a phenomenon that is easily preventable.  When we become aware of another similar tragedy we discretely reach out to the family to offer our personal support if it is desired. We also stay in contact with the family as long as it is necessary.

Our website has been recognized as the go-to source for information and resources and it is consistently listed first when shallow water blackout is Googled. With the exception of signage everything on our website is free-of-charge and we encourage visitors to use our materials as they deem appropriate.  

SWBP Announces Partnership with NISCA

Shallow Water Blackout Prevention Partners with the National Interscholastic Swim
Coaches Association (NISCA)

nisca_eps-logo-converted-blue (1).JPG

NISCA is a professional organization that supports High School coaches of all aquatic sports. They are dedicated to coach’s education and athlete recognition through the All-America Program. NISCA allows opportunities for coaches to network and exchange knowledge and experience. 

We are honored to announce that we have been selected to partner with NISCA to help them raise awareness about the prevention of a shallow water blackout.  This partnership will have several components.  First, NISCA will promote our Ambassador Program nationwide as a way for High School students on all aquatics-related teams to become involved in community service by raising awareness about the causes and prevention of a shallow water blackout.  We will support their efforts and provide the necessary materials for their outreach. Schools and their collective team’s students that can show they have made a concerted effort, as judged by NISCA, to raise awareness will be recognized by NISCA and be awarded banners to display within their school. Raising awareness about shallow water blackout will be one of the primary reasons the award will be made.

Second, we will provide information and training (education/awareness/prevention) videos about shallow water blackout and our organization to the NISCA for the distribution to all their member coaches during their annual conferences, trainings and whenever requested.

Finally, but not least, NISCA will detail our partnership and what we do and why in their July-August 2018 Newsletter, which is distributed to every High School swim team and their athletes within the country. Our organization will also be prominently displayed on their website as a contributing Partner to the accomplishment of their mission.